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Welcome to “Garden Topics”  by Jackie Fairbarns, Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener!  Jackie has years of hands-on experience puttering in the garden, trying out new ideas, and sharing with her community. Her topics are timely and full of great tips and ideas to help you with your garden adventures. Questions? Please leave a comment and the “Heart of Virginia Master Gardeners Association” will get right back to you!  

October 2020: “Twelve Tiny Bulbs to Light Up Your Spring Garden” – Let’s talk about bulbs to light up your spring! In this podcast Jackie Fairbarns will describe “tiny” bulbs that can be your first wave of color in the Spring. Whether you plant these bulbs outdoors or in pots for indoor blooming, they are sure to bring a smile to your face. Resources as well as many ideas are included in this delightful radio spot by Jackie.
A copy of Jackie’s October script “Twelve Tiny Bulbs to Light Up Your Spring” can be found here: 2020 10HOVMGA_Tiny_Spring_Bulbs
Jill Baedke’s rolling herb garden raised bed – by kitchen door.
July 2020 : “Herb Gardens for a More Flavorful Future” – It’s not too late to plant your favorite herbs to enjoy for many months to come. Jackie shares how to plant, where to plant, and even some ideas for recipes in this radio spot. Come hear all about herbs in your garden!
A copy of Jackie’s July script “Herb Gardens for a More Flavorful Future” can be found here:                   2020 07HOVMG Herb Gardening
April 2020 : In this broadcast, Jackie lists many suggestions for getting your garden area ready and preparing your plants. 
A copy of Jackie’s April script “Bring Spring Early to Indoor Spaces” can be found here: 2020 04HOVMG Script Healthy Gardening
January 2020 : “Bring Spring Early to Indoor Spaces”. Have you ever tried to cut flowering branches to bloom indoors? (Forsythia, quince, pussy willow, lilac, dogwood, and many fruit trees) In this radio spot, Jackie give us detailed instructions on when and how you can force blooms indoors during the cold months. 
A copy of Jackie’s January script “Bring Spring Early to Indoor Spaces” can be found here: 2020 01HOVMG Script Forcing


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